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100+ porn addiction recovery stories in 8+ countries. 

From Relational Discord and Shame to Secure Confidence

Chris (USA) was given an ultimatum: The love of his life or porn. He knew he needed help, but now the pressure was on. It was time to fight for the girl he had waited almost 4 decades for.

After working through wounds from the past, and working hard on his identity, Chris barely recognizes himself today. He truly is a new man. His #1 advice? Learn to love yourself in your mistakes.

Check out Chris's awe-inspiring recovery story.


From 20+ Years of Addiction To Rising Church Leader

Stuart (UK/Romania) joined DeepClean feeling like a hypocrite for being involved in the church while secretly struggling with pornography. After experiencing massive transformation in the course, Stuart began to receive more opportunities at church, but it was different this time. He now felt worthy to handle them.

Today, Stuart is not only an up-and-coming leader at his local church, he has joined the DeepClean community, coaching other men into full freedom.

Confidently Engaged To The Woman of His Dreams

Lowell Schrock (USA) was in trouble. He told his girlfriend that he struggled with porn addiction, and she made it clear that he had to get his act together if she wanted to get married.

"I was still living in the past. I felt ashamed and I had loose ends from my previous relationships. It was messy. DeepClean helped me clean up my life and execute a recovery strategy that was personal to my situation. I've never had this much peace with myself."

Lowell is now ENGAGED to that same girl! She saw the progress and feels ready for the next step. This interview explains how it all happened, and includes sagely wisdom at the end for any guy who wants more freedom in their life.


From Escorts & Infidelity To Confidence & Forgiveness

Shaun Roseman (USA) has experienced it all. 20+ years of porn addiction. Infidelity. 12-Step success, and then a bad relapse.

"I felt like I missed out on so much because of my mistakes. I had to learn to truly forgive myself for my past. It was a huge part of my recovery."

Shaun feels more confident in himself now than ever before. The path to preserving recovery is clear and he has the tools needed to do it.

Military Man Finds True Freedom In A Surprising Way

There was one word to describe Johnathon when he joined DeepClean: Desperate. He had tried everything in the book, but could not get free. Porn was a daily part of his life.

Much to his surprise, Johnathon's situation turned around almost immediately after joining the program. 

"I feel more satisfied in my relationships and for the first time in my life, I am beginning to love myself. I see myself as someone who is inherently valuable and is a blessing to other people instead of someone who is just a bother."

Johnathan's counselor even commented on the emotional maturity he has developed since joining the program. He has done the work and getting unprecedented results, both inside and out.



Pastor Creates Better Future For Family & Ministry

Zach Pyron (USA) was riddled with the guilt and shame of looking at pornography on a regular basis.

"I have daughters, I can't be looking at women this way."

Zach has changed the trajectory of his life by resolving deep-seated issues and becoming a part of a supportive community.

From Infidelity To Covenant

Porn led Jonathan van klink (New Zealand) to cheat on the woman of his dreams. Confessing porn consumption and infidelity could've cost him everything. Instead, he's becoming the man he was made to be in unbelievable ways.

*The internet connection was a bit spotty at points during the recording.


Becoming Marriage Material

David Hynes (Canada) was struggling with pornography everyday and felt unqualified to meet a quality woman. By learning to value himself, David has never been more ready to meet his future wife.

"It's not about avoiding pornography, it's about becoming a better person along the way."

Preparing For Fatherhood

Piero Visconti (Italy/Norway) could not bear another minute of addiction. After cheating on his wife and experiencing more pain in his new relationship, Piero knew something had to give. He found DeepClean ready to commit wholeheartedly to recovery and his results did not disappoint. Piero learned the power of transparency and the necessity for good rhythms and routines that include journaling. His hard work has paid off as he and his partner are ready to have their first child at the end of 2021.


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