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Hey, I'm Sathiya...

I'm the creator of DeepClean, a proven process for resolving the root issues of porn addiction. It took me 15 years to fully recover from my own addiction, now I use my education, expertise, and experience to help men get free of porn addiction.

I've had the privilege of sharing both my story and my work on hundreds of  platforms, including top 1% podcasts, national television broadcasts, and stages around the world.

Below are a few noteworthy places where my work has been featured. If you scroll a bit further down, you'll see an extended explanation of my recovery and the formation of DeepClean Coaching.

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Notable Media Appearances

100 Huntley Street

Panel discussion with Joshua Broome, former adult film star, outlining practical steps for recovery.

Fight The New Drug

Interview highlighting Sathiya's recovery story, classic mistakes people make during recovery, and how DeepClean got started.

CBN News

This interview details Sathiya's story of healing from porn addiction and his new book, The Last Relapse.

CTV Your Morning

Live interview on Canada's nationally televised breakfast show, discussing the harmful effects of pornography.

Promise Keepers

A detailed account of Sathiya's addiction and his extensive recovery process, highlighting most useful recovery methods.

700 Club

Interview outlining the cause of porn addiction, why it inhibits one's potential, and practical first steps to recovery.

The Story – A Rollercoaster Ride To Permanent Freedom

The year 2016 was the last time I looked at pornography. Since then, I have had the privilege of speaking internationally, interviewing on national television regularly, and helping hundreds of men experience freedom. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a life like this.

It may surprise you, but my first exposure to porn was in my Christian school's computer lab when I was just eleven years old. What started as an innocent mistake became an obsession.

This pattern developed further in high school, as many of my friends were also looking at porn. It was “normal”. I knew it was wrong, but I sincerely believed that I could stop at any time. Turns out, I was wrong. The situation got worse, taking even more control of my life. Going into university, my porn usage intensified. It was a reward for a hard day of studying or to relieve stress brought on by a project deadline. I was hopelessly hooked.

During my University tenure, there was a season where I had seemingly eliminated pornography from my life. I was in a serious relationship and had stopped watching porn. Perfect! Except for one problem: We were sexually active. The same root problem was simply manifesting in a different way. After fifteen months of dating, I found out my girlfriend cheated on me. I was crushed.

In a place of deep brokenness, I cried out to God for help, and He answered. I was lukewarm in my faith up until now, but in this place of deep soul-searching, I found God and made a firm commitment. I was all in, no more compromise. Many things changed in my life - I quit swearing, stopped drinking irresponsibly, and even made a career change into full-time ministry. But one thing remained. Porn. It was at this point I realized how serious the problem was, and I set out to find a lasting solution.

That began a five-year journey of trial and error. Along the way, I tried internet filters, accountability partners, bouncing the eyes, and ramping up spiritual disciplines. None of them worked with any long-term success. They gave initial excitement and hope but usually landed much worse afterward. Other times, I could get clean for weeks or even a few months (almost a year one time), but somewhere along the way, I slipped again. 

I became frustrated by the lack of resources available to men who were struggling. It was not fair. So I told myself and God:

“One day I will get free of porn and do everything in my power to help as many other men as possible get free in a much shorter time.”

A mentor taught me in those years that marriage is a magnifier, so I also prayed that God would keep my future wife from me until I could get free. I didn’t want to bring this awful addition into my future marriage and make things worse. The pressure was on. I had to find freedom.

Eventually, I made a critical discovery. Behaviour is rooted in belief. I was going about freedom all wrong, choosing to modify behaviours with internet filters and eye bouncing, instead of pursuing change at a heart level. Once I realized that resolving heart issues was the key to freedom, the wheels were in motion.

It took a few years of recovering from wounds of the past, cultivating self-awareness, building emotional fitness, and solidifying my identity before I finally found freedom.

After being free for nine months, I met Shaloma, my wife. I still waited another two years before starting DeepClean, a proven system that provides Bible-based and research-backed education and empowerment to facilitate freedom in all men, from the hopeless to the healthy. DeepClean started innocently. I put a few posts up on Facebook and people started sharing their stories. Eventually, a few guys reached out for help. I put them through my system to see if they could get the same results as me. One individual in particular had such a radical transformation that he got the job opportunity of his dreams right as the program was finishing. Once I saw this program was bringing even greater results in other guys, I felt ready to share DeepClean with the world.

Since then, I have had the privilege of working with college students, doctors, engineers, physiotherapists, pilots, navy seals, accountants, and everything in between from all stages of life – single, dating, married, divorced. All have been majorly impacted by the timeless principles and practical tools of DeepClean.

Proverbs 10:9 says that He who walks with integrity walks securely. Being free for 5+ years now, I can confidently say that I would pay double the price for the level of security and integrity I have now, and I would pay even more to see it in your life. That’s what I do every day now, helping men all around the world walk in the security, purity, and freedom that God has intended for them. 

Freedom is for everyone, yourself included. If you’re really serious about being permanently free from pornography, you’ve come to the right place and I will do everything in my power to help you. Join a tribe of men from around the world who are reforming their family lines, marriages, and identities.

Cheering you on,


I'm Ready To Get Free