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The Last Relapse provides you a proven blueprint for long-term recovery. Detailing essential recovery principles and tools, this life-changing book will help you understand why previous attempts to recover have failed while offering the resources necessary to have your last relapse. Click below to get your hands on a free copy of this life-changing book.

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Tired of internet filters and accountability partners? Sick of feeling ashamed with no way out?

It doesn't have to be this way.

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We are raising a tribe of men that lead their lives and families with integrity & confidence through DeepClean™a research-based and Bible-backed system that resolves the root issues of porn addiction. Start feeling good about yourself again.

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Hey, I'm Sathiya...

I'm the creator of DeepClean™. It took me 15 years to fully recover from porn addiction. Now I share my methods with brave men like you who deserve a better life. If you want to experience long-term freedom from pornography I'd like to offer you a free Strategy Session.

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andrew blackwood porn addiction expert

Dr. Andrew Blackwood

You will not find anyone like Sathiya. His sharp expertise combined with the much-needed soft skills to guide someone through the addiction recovery process is unmatched. I cannot recommend him enough.

eddie capparucci porn addiction expert

Dr. Eddie Capparucci

Sathiya is the future of sex and porn addiction healing. I am ecstatic knowing that he is one of the up-and-coming professionals in this field. The work he is doing is a blessing to so many men.

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