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Have you tried:

  • Internet filters
  • Accountability partners
  • Willpower
  • Spiritual disciplines

...and still can't get free?

You need a system to address the underlying aspects of porn addiction. This is the only way to experience permanent freedom.

Teach Me How To Get Free

Get The Help You Deserve

Build Self-Awareness

Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence, strengthening your key relationships in the process.

Heal The Heart

Get to the heart of the matter. Recover from contributing wounds of the past and become a master of your urges, thoughts and desires.

Build A Godly Identity

Regain your confidence. Improve your self-esteem using God's truth. Walk in the fullness of your calling and destiny.

I'm Ready To Be Free

Proven System

Each DeepClean offering features research-based courses that emphasize the critical principles and tools necessary for long-term freedom. 

Support Groups

Stop guessing how to get free. Get world-class guidance from Sathiya and his team as you pursue freedom. Every DeepClean™ offering includes regular coaching for as long as you need.

Join A Worldwide Community

The journey to freedom was not meant to be done alone. All DeepClean™ programs include access to a private community of men around the world pursuing freedom as earnestly as you.

Shaun R.

"I have tried other recovery programs and counselling. None of them are anything like DeepClean. My life was in disarray and I was battling major shame. I have concrete tools for recovery now and my confidence is back. If you have struggled for a long time and nothing you’ve tried has worked completely, this program is for you."

Jonathan V.

"I joined DeepClean as a broken man. I was ashamed, directionless, and sick of the advice to 'pray more.' God has used this program to develop my character and emotional stability. I'm not acting out of frustration or being annoyed, I have forgiven myself for struggling, and I have a concrete plan to stay free long-term."

John W.

"I tried everything in the book. I was sick and tired of struggling every week. I've been free of porn for six months now. I'm able to work through my root issues with the tools I've learned. I am experiencing freedom for the first time in a very, very, long time. My therapist even complimented me on my growth in Emotional IQ from the program!"

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After 30 days, if you’ve applied what you learned wholeheartedly and are not happy with the results, I will give your money back. All you have to do is email our team for a refund.

*Refund is only applicable for programs paid in full upfront

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