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Impactful Teachings. Inspiring Delivery.

If you have an audience that needs help resolving root issues in their life – emotionally, mentally or spiritually – these teachings are exactly what you are looking for. Sathiya regularly speaks around the world, inspiring men with his own recovery story and teaching them unique strategies to live a life of permanent freedom.

Common Topics

  • Getting Emotionally Fit
  • Keys To Long-Term Addiction Recovery
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Building Bulletproof Identity
  • Modern Manhood & Men's Health
  • Sexuality & Sexual Purity

Signature Talks

From Addict To Entrepreneur

Ideal for any audience that is seeking inspiration and empowerment

Growing up in a home of educated, loving, faith-based parents, everything was set up for Sathiya to have a good life. Yet pornography crept in and nearly ruined his entire life. This talk explains how Sathiya's addiction to pornography formed, how he recovered, and how the recovery led to the launch of a world-class company that is changing the lives of men all around the world.

The audience will experience:

  • Inspiring personal story of overcoming addiction
  • Principles for using hardships in life to bring massive growth
  • Practical steps that addicts can take to experience full recovery
  • Process for discovering your call, passion, and purpose in life and how to pursue it with zeal.

Porn Is Not The Problem

Ideal for men, women, and youth looking to grow in sexual integrity

If someone masterfully destroyed the porn industry overnight, men and women around the world would still struggle. While most tackle porn recovery with behavioral solutions, both scripture and science show that true recovery must address the underlying issues of the heart. This talk breaks down the only successful approach for long-term freedom from pornography and other sexual misbehavior.

The audience will experience:

  • Learn how to break common myths about sexuality, purity, and freedom
  • Gain tools that allow you to effectively heal from mistakes of the past
  • Receive a blueprint for recovering from pornography addiction
  • Form practices that establish freedom as a lifestyle

Renewing The Mind, Rewiring The Brain

Ideal for leaders, entrepreneurs, men

In a time where anxiety and depression are at all time highs, there has never been a greater need for teaching and tools to master thought life. This talk explains how the brain works from both a scientific and scriptural perspective while offering practical ways to optimize its function. It is a great fit for those who want to improve their thought life as they pursue a life of peace, freedom, and integrity.

The audience will experience:

  • Learn thought anatomy and how to rewire the brain
  • Form practices that make godly thinking second nature
  • Discover how to identify lies and uproot them
  • Receive practical tools for reinforcing the truth on a daily basis

What Others Are Saying

Sathiya's delivery was impeccable and his teaching was captivating. He has a message that the world needs to hear NOW. When I was planning my event, I didn't even think twice about inviting him. I can't recommend him enough!

Brian Warren, The 700 Club

Sathiya is a man wise beyond his years.  He is not just an expert in his field, he is a competent guide. If you haven’t heard his story or experienced his life-changing teachings, be sure to connect with him.

Dr. Andrew Blackwood, Founder of Coach Drew's Learning & Healing Center

Sathiya was incredibly professional and easy to engage with at our “Better Man” online seminar. His personal testimony was real enough to connect with and his tools for overcoming unhealthy sexual habits were practical enough to implement. There is much to gain from Sathiya's brave and necessary message.

Renal Mannikam, Lead Pastor of Siloam Word of Truth Sandton

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