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Your Undeniable Destiny

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2022

My wife: “My husband does so much…He runs his business, and he uh...um…hmm…hey what else do you do anyway?”

(No word of a lie that’s what she had just said when this photo was taken)

She’s not wrong…I’ve been super dialed in the last 12 months refining our program, extending our reach, and building a team to help me do it all.

We’ve continued to run Unleash The Man Within 5x/week, wrote a best-selling book called The Last Relapse, and have dramatically extended our reach with this newsletter and our social media accounts… 

But by far the BEST part of what has been happening is that we are helping men step into their callings, including:

✅ Jason quitting his job to start a business
✅ Piero feeling confident to finally become a father
✅ Chris marrying the girl of his dreams after almost losing her
✅ Henry overcoming 4 decades of addiction as a local church pastor and helping others get free now
✅ Stuart finally getting to be more involved in church because he doesn’t have to worry about feeling like a hypocrite

This is what freedom is REALLY about.

This picture was taken at my wife’s debut album release (which she KILLED by the way)...

It was a pretty incredible night - a lot of smiles, tears, and special moments.

But what truly made it special was being able to watch her do something that she was BORN to do - using personal songs to help others encounter Jesus.

For me - these are the moments that make life worth living.

What about you?

You may be called to…

✅ Go to nations
✅ Raise a healthy family
✅ Lead other men into freedom
✅ Be an artist/creative/musician
✅ Preach, teach, speak
✅ Start a business or ministry
✅ Etc..

How much of it is on hold because of your struggles?

Whatever your calling may be, it will be easier (and more sustainable) to reach when you are walking in freedom.

Think about where you could be just a couple of short years from now if you really tackled the root issues and got to the heart of the matter.

And if your own livelihood and well-being aren’t compelling enough, then remember this…

Your calling is not about you. It’s about the people God has called YOU to impact.

So if you aren’t going to get free for your own sake, do it for theirs.

Cheering you on,

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