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Why Paragliding Off A Mountain Isn't That Scary

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2022

The truth? I am terrified of heights. 
The lie? All heights are equal.

My wife and I were in Switzerland recently sharing the DeepClean message and celebrating a good friend’s wedding.

We (aka she) decided to spend our days off doing adventurous (aka terrifying) things.

First up was a cable car up the mountains to Grindelwald. Literally every picture we took there looks photoshopped. Straight out of a movie.

Grindelwald also boasts a walkway along a cliff face that is pretty wild.

You follow the contours of the cliff until you reach a view that money could not buy. It is just you and the alps with a small metal apparatus underneath your feet.

I don’t know this from personal experience because I chickened out. My wife told me about it after she did it lol.

Second was paragliding off a mountain in another stunning town called Interlaken.

So there I am – saddled in, parachuting up, running down a hill praying that the wind catches and that I will one day get to see my family again.

Okay maybe that’s a tad dramatic but you get the idea…

And in a matter of moments, like an eagle taking flight, we were off – suspended mid-air, enjoying an incredible view that even money couldn’t buy. It was nature at its finest.

I had a BLAST! Almost no fear at all.

Afterward, I was perplexed.

Why was the cliff so scary where I at least had something underneath me, while paragliding felt so comfortable?!

It took me a day or two but it finally clicked…


The cliff was scary because I was in control. One bad step and I was toast.
Paragliding was easy because my fate was in someone else’s hands.

So am I afraid of heights? Or am I afraid of my ability to handle heights?

Often our fears are symptoms of mistrust.

Addictions persist because we don’t trust ourselves. We fear being in control because we may do the wrong thing.

Fear becomes a comforter that keeps us stuck. An enabler that allows us to shed responsibility for another day.

It’s only when you take full ownership amidst your fears that you can control the outcome.

If you’re struggling with porn, that means not waiting for the right timing and the stars to align. Take ownership, even if your self-trust is low.


Cheering you on,

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