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Why Fathers Are So Impactful

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2022

We recently had Jason Vallotton on our podcast share about why he is convinced that 90% of society’s issues stem from fatherlessness.

The world at large is more fatherless today than ever before.

Parents are splitting up.

Dads are walking out.

Masculinity is being redefined.

And as a result, many issues have ensued.

In fact some studies show that when the father is present – forget if he’s actually a good father or not – the impact is notable:

-Children have better social skills
-Children generally perform better in school
-Children are more likely to have a higher socio-economic status

The list goes on…

In case you aren’t convinced… one study estimated that as much as 90% of imprisoned men in America are fatherless!

I don’t know what your father was like.

He may have been ever-present, loving and kind.

Or maybe he was absent from Day 1.

Can I give you a piece of advice?

Give thanks – fathers are a gift.

The role of a father, more than anything else, is to give their children an idea of what God looks like.

For those who do this well – we celebrate and give thanks. They provide imprints, ideas, and experiences that allow us to engage with Father God on a much deeper level as we grow in our independence.

For those who failed in this area – we celebrate and give thanks. They have given us an opportunity to experience depths of the Father’s heart that many would fail to comprehend. 

Many of our clients over the years have healed from father wounds and experienced breakthroughs in their recovery as a result. 

Whether Dad was good to you or not, every single person can benefit from their experience(s) with their father.

With Father’s Day fast approaching, I encourage you to go into the day with intentionality. 

Embrace gratitude, lean into the discomforts, and cherish the joys that come with the day.

Cheering you on,

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