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What Sheep Can Teach You About Recovery

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2022

In Genesis 30, there is a fascinating story about Jacob.

The time has come where the dues he owed Laban for his daughters are settled. He doesn’t owe anything and he is ready to work for himself.

Laban begs Jacob to say, because it is clear that Jacob has a grace for prosperity on his life. Under Jacob’s leadership, Laban’s estate had grown significantly.

Both reach a middle ground where Jacob continues to steward the flock, but is allowed to take the speckled & spotted goats, and the brown lambs – these would be considered much less valuable since they were not purebred.

Laban happily agrees to Jacob’s generous offer. Then Jacob’s sneaky side comes out.

Somehow, Jacob discovers that if the goats and sheep are looking at something that is speckled, they reproduce speckled offspring (obviously this makes no sense but it’s old testament Bible times we’re talking about here!!)

So he begins to manipulate the breeding patterns of the flocks so that only the strong ones are speckled and weak ones are purebred. Jacob became “exceedingly prosperous” as a result.

While it is a bizarre story that doesn’t get a lot of press from the pulpit, there is a monumental principle at play here that cannot be ignored.

Where you are focused while you produce flavors the product.

I’m not talking about business products.

I’m talking about character, integrity, work, raising a family, leading a home, attaining freedom, etc.

It is so easy to get caught up in the challenges. I heard it said once – it’s easy to find dirt in a gold mine, but it takes a lot more work to find the gold.

As you continue to pursue recovery, to change your lineage, and to step into all God has called you to be – remember that where your attention is channeled steers the ship and flavors the outcome.

Cheering you on,

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