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Three Superpowers That Guarantee Success

Uncategorized May 19, 2022

I don’t know about you, but this season has caused me to think more seriously about the things that really matter in life.

Between pandemics, wars, inflation, government overreach and the many other geographical, political, and spiritual dynamics that have marked these last 2 years, I view life very differently.

I imagine some things may have changed for you too…

However, something that has always kept things in perspective for me is observing historical trends. As an example, typically every 10 years a major event takes place that has a global impact. 

COVID-19 most recently. Ten years prior it was the financial crisis. Another ten years prior was 9/11. The list goes on…

It reminds me that while we are in unusual times, experiencing circumstances and situations that no humans previously had, ultimately, we will make it through.

The fascinating part for me is that we will not make it through equally. Some will come out thriving, others will struggle. And many will fall somewhere in between.

This aspect has caused me to dig a bit deeper and wonder – what is present in the lives of those who succeed through good and hard times, and what is missing in the lives of those who do not?

This list is not comprehensive by any means, but here are 3 superpowers that you will need to thrive in all seasons of life. 

  • Focus – The ability to concentrate on one thing for an extended period of time will be a lost art in the next few years. Our attention spans continue to dwindle and it is affecting our mental capacities, emotional well-being, relational connectedness, and overall quality of life. Don’t give into the noisy world of notifications, multi-tasking and over-busyness. Consolidate, prioritize, and keep the path.
  • Consistency – Another dying art in our microwave culture. The ability to let your yes be yes, to stay course even when times are tough, and to simply show up day in and day out is becoming more rare. You cannot execute this superpower without doing #1 first. But once you get that dialed in, consistency is gasoline on the proverbial fire.
  • Contentment – You don’t need another gadget, laptop, business idea, car, clothing item, or pair of shoes to make you happy. You don’t need more money. You don’t need more followers or a bigger house. You need healthier relationships, simplicity in life, and a deeper sense of purpose and belonging. Don’t give in to the messages out there – true contentment is found in the things that matter most (hint hint, they are not materialistic items). 

 These are the three superpowers that I am honing for the next 20 years in my own life. I guarantee you those who have the greatest success these next two decades will exhibit all three of these qualities.

If you read that list and felt deflated or hopeless, read it again and remind yourself that YOU HAVE TIME. It’s never too late to start.

Cheering you on,

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