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The Power of Family History

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2022

This is not the first (nor last) picture of Grandpa Sam that I have included in one of these newsletters. From 2015-2017, when I was really starting to break free of pornography and sexual sin, I began to take a huge interest in my Grandpa and Grandma’s life. I would visit them regularly, ask questions about their childhoods, and try to understand our family story in more detail.

Unfortunately, my Grandma passed away in July 2017, but I am very grateful for the stories and wisdom she shared with me before her death. I would take notes profusely when we spent time together and I review them periodically now.

When I reflected on this season of deep searching into my grandparent’s lives, and truthfully – my family history, I began to wonder why? Why was it so important I understand these parts of our family’s history?

It took some time to reflect, contemplate and get the bottom of it. But eventually, I had a pretty stark realization – by better understanding them, I was better understanding me.

You cannot experience lasting freedom from addiction and toxic behavior patterns if you do not understand yourself. Self-awareness is a huge part of this. So is knowing your tendencies, vulnerabilities, insecurities, etc. But just as powerful is knowing your story and the way it integrates with your family’s broader story.

Whether your grandparents are alive today or not, it really doesn’t matter. There are plenty of ways for you to understand your family history and lineage. I highly encourage you to reach out to relatives, search records online, maybe even do a bit of social media stalking to better understand your family history. You’ll be amazed at what you learn about yourself.

As Jay Stringer taught in Unwanted, as you better understand your origins, you often discover your solution. Your family just might be holding the keys to your lasting freedom.

Cheering you on,

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