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TESTIMONIAL: Lowell Schrock

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2021

Imagine working a full time job while having two businesses on the side. That's THREE jobs altogether.
Then throw in a 20+ year struggle with porn.
Then throw in a new relationship that was getting serious quick.

And you get...

Lowell Schrock.

Lowell joined the DeepClean community with one goal in mind: To resolve the roots issues of his porn addiction. And that's exactly what he did.
We did a deep dive into his internal world. Identified limiting beliefs. Resolved a few wounds from the past. And restructured his God time.

And just a few short months later, Lowell has made MAJOR progress. He has noticed a high correlation between sobriety and God time. The more consistent he is with his God time, the fewer the slips. Funny how that works!

He has also gotten more in touch with his inner life – identifying common triggers and learning to process his emotions.

Best of all – he is ENGAGED! His girlfriend was so pleased with his progress, she felt ready to take it to the next step.

This is the kind of fruit you can expect when you put in the hard work and are willing to try new things. Lowell rose to every challenge that he faced on the DeepClean journey, and he now has unprecedented levels of freedom to show for it!

Well done bro!

PS. You can hear his full interview here.

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