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Testimonial: Leshan Katapodi

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2022

Leshan and his wife were fighting daily, sometimes going days without speaking to each other, and even getting into physical altercations. His patience was thin, temper was high, and porn was at the root of it all.

Making a change felt risky and as he shares in this video, Leshan had his doubts, but he knew that things could not stay the same. With each lesson, hope began to rise, until one day his wife remarked that he wasn't short with her the way he usually was. That's when he realized the tide was turning.

Six months of freedom later, he and his wife have never been happier, and Leshan feels confident that he will be able to walk further into God's calling on his life. In fact, he even shared about his transformation at his church recently in front of 2k people! Watch The Full Story here.

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