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Testimonial: How A College Basketball Star Got Free For Good

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2022

College basketball star Patric Young had it all – popularity, money, and women at his beck and call. He knew it wasn't what God called him to, but at least he wasn't as far gone as his peers. The thrill of his lifestyle came to a grinding halt when he found out the woman of his dreams considered pornography to be cheating! This 'come to Jesus' moment made him realize that something had to change. Today's video explains how it all went down.

Learning to experience God as an unconditionally loving father, healing from past traumas, and learning to let people in have all helped Patric create a very different life for himself. He's finding himself apart from athletic performance, detaching from sexual misbehavior, and set to get married in just a few short months.

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