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TESTIMONIAL: Chris Bielefeldt

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2021

What do you get when you take an unmarried software engineer, 30+ years of struggling with porn, and a girlfriend who is sick and tired of competing with porn stars?

You get Chris Bielefeldt

That was his exact situation just half a year ago. Today, he is a new man – thriving in unprecedented levels of freedom, confident in himself, and rekindled with his girlfriend in a way he couldn’t have dreamed when he first set out.

I know that between the podcast name and the general subject matter of our organization around manhood, the “new man” term probably feels a little cliché, but I legitimately don’t know how else to describe the change I’ve seen in Chris. His face looks relaxed, his composure is rock solid (after years of struggling to manage his emotions), and he even stands a bit taller (which is pretty impressive since the guy is 6’8”!).

So how did he turn things around so quickly? Well, I sat down with Chris to ask him this exact question. You can check out the full interview here where he explains why his girlfriend gave him an ultimatum, the attitude that guided him throughout his recovery, and what life feels like on the other side of freedom.

You can get the full scoop right here.

Cheering you on,

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