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Redefining "Quality of Life"

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2022

Now more than ever before, quality of life in North America has become a popular subject.

I LOVE this discussion, because improving the quality of life of others has been a huge passion of mine (and I like to consider myself the guinea pig that gets to try a bunch of things first before sharing it with the world!).

This is why DeepClean exists – I know that when you quit porn for good, your quality of life will dramatically improve.

That was my own experience. After battling a 15 year addiction, quitting porn gave me more confidence, a platform to help other people, a creative way to earn an income, and skills that have enabled me to form lifelong relationships (including my marriage).

I long for the same kind of improvements in your life.

Most discussions around quality of life are about money, travel, options, freedom of time, etc.

All of these are important and they have their place.

But let’s get one thing clear…

Your quality of life is the quality of your relationships. Period.

So whether you are pursuing freedom from porn, freedom of time, financial freedom or something other kind of freedom.

If you want it to improve your quality of life, it better improve your relationships.

When people are on their deathbed – in their latter years of life especially – any remorse or laments they may have are almost always relational in nature.

That tells us PLENTY. Every moment counts, even the small ones (like go-karting in Niagara Falls with your wife for her birthday).

Never forget that you are not on this recovery journey for yourself. No sir, it goes much further.

When you get free, your family wins. Your friends win. Colleagues. Leaders. Mentors. Pastors. Communities. 

Because to get free long term requires self-awareness, emotional intelligence, capacity for vulnerable conversations, etc.

The kind of skills that will form lasting, meaningful relationships that are sure to enhance your quality of life.

You deserve it just as much as anyone else. Don’t get too caught up in the rat race or the American dream. Take care of your relationships and the rest will take care of itself.

Cheering you on,

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