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Paying Attention to Where You Pay Attention

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2022

Your attention determines your direction.

If you want to stay addicted to p*rn, just follow what I did the first 2 years of recovery:

-Cheaped out on solutions (filters, books, etc)
-Settled for surface-level recovery (will power, spiritual disciplines, etc)
-Spend most waking moments praying that I wouldn’t be tempted
-Living in fear of my next relapse
-Constantly thinking about how awful I am/how much is wrong with me
-Praying God would take the addiction away from me

I basically channeled all of my resources to AVOID sin and it nearly ruined me. Now don’t get me wrong – avoiding sin is noble. Necessary.

But you know what happens when all you think about is avoiding sin?

Sin starts to occupy your mind!

It starts to consume your attention. And before you know it…

You’re sinning again.

It’s like telling someone to stop picturing a purple elephant. Don’t do it. Stop picturing it. DO NOT imagine a purple elephant with a really long trunk. What are you doing?!

See how that works?

Once you shift your focus, everything changes.

We don’t ignore sin or its impacts, rather we focus on God’s holiness, righteousness, and goodness towards us.

When you start to concentrate on HIM, you begin to realize the person HE has made YOU to be.

What starts to happen if you spend your time, energy, and attention focused on God’s goodness and the person He made you to be?

You start to….

-Develop self-awareness
-Get to the roots of the issue
-Step into your heavenly identity
-Experience God’s grace and power helping you in recovery
-Form healthier relationships with loved ones (God included)

Just one small change makes a HUGE difference.

Pay attention to where you pay attention. It just might save your recovery.

Cheering you on,

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