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One Thing Your New Years Resolution Must Include

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2021

Well, here we are. It is the end of 2021 – arguably one of the strangest years in recent history given the political, social and medical climates. As we put this unusual year behind us and look ahead, I can truthfully say with all my heart – I have NEVER been more excited!

I truly believe that the best is just around the corner for society at large. I know that there are many fear-based messages of doom and gloom. The woes of recovering from the pandemic, the seemingly endless control that governments are exercising, and the increased sexualization of our culture. I’m not denying these elements and I understand people’s cause for concern.

But you know what gets me excited? God has a plan.

Historically, God has come through every single time. He is yet to experience panic over humanity’s short-comings, and I don’t see why He would start now. Our work is cut out, but I really do believe 2022 is going to be a fantastic year.

As we get ready for New Year’s Eve, you are going to feel the pressure to form a resolution for this year. I’m going to be the most direct with you that I will ever be in a newsletter – attaining a Biblical standard of sexual integrity must be part of your resolution.

Your family, mental health, success, and spirituality deserve it. That’s the honest truth. Imagine what you can accomplish in 2022 if you didn’t have to deal with the brain fog, guilt and disconnection caused by sexual misbehavior.

I don’t know all God has intended for 2022 in the world and in your personal life, but I know that He is WILDLY passionate about seeing you walking in full sexual integrity.

The question is… how? The answer will vary from person-to-person. Here is what it must include if you’re really serious about getting free for good in 2022:

    1. A Community – you cannot do this alone. Get others involved in your recovery. The opposite of addiction is connection, not sobriety.
    2. A Coach/Guide – why waste time guessing when you can get a direct path to freedom? Finding a trusted coach or guide will expedite your process and ensure that your results are different in 2022.


  • Consistency – Assuming you do #1 & #2 well, how are you going to execute them on a regular basis, even when you run into obstacles/challenges? You must be able to answer this question if you really want a shot at freedom this year.


There are tons of ways for you to get free in 2022, but we wanted to let you know about a few specific offerings we have here that will ensure you have community, coaching and consistency in 2022:


  • DeepClean VIPFor those who are especially in need of coaching/guidance, DeepClean VIP offers you the chance to be part of Sathiya’s live podcast interviews and attend a Q&A with his guests immediately after. You also get 24/7 coaching access to Sathiya and the chance to join a community of other men pursuing freedom.
  • DeepClean Signature – This is by far the most effective program we have, bringing inside-out transformation to men from around the world on a regular basis. We’ve seen marriages restored, identities redefined, and destinies fulfilled in hundreds of men now through this program. DeepClean Signature comes with 35+ hours of course content, weekly group coaching, and 3 months of DeepClean VIP. You can book a call to talk with someone on our team if you’d like to apply.


Cheering you on,

  1. If you’re just looking for a resource to get started on the recovery journey, check out my new book, The Last Relapse. If you pre-order now you get $250+ worth of bonuses immediately, including a free month of DeepClean VIP! Order now

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