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My Personal Secret to Long-Term Success

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2022

I got completely caught off guard while interviewing on Frank’s Rich “The Superhuman Life” podcast recently.

I was sharing about The Last Relapse, observations about the recovery space at large, and some of the most effective tools/principles that have helped our guys recover over the years. It was more or less a smooth and clean interview.

Then at the end, Frank asked me, “So what’s something you never talk about on podcasts that you know would help my audience?”

I replied immediately by talking about what a great question that was and how nobody ever asked me that, etc. — all of it a covert way to buy me some time while I thought about my answer!

Somewhere in my ramblings, I had a moment of clarity – and I knew that what I was about to share was going to have some major ripples.

When I was studying medicine, there was a mantra that most of the students held: work hard, play hard. That meant studying day and night during the week, and getting absolutely wasted on the weekends.

I was never crazy about that mantra (and never will be), but instead have found something much more useful: work hard, rest hard. 

So I began to explain that resting hard means clear boundaries with my time, dedicating “Sathiya time” on a regular basis, and enjoying a 24-hour sabbath rest period with my wife weekly – void of email, cell phones, etc. (and usually full of delicious food, pajamas and outdoor activities).

Frank had a huge smile on his face. “I’m so glad I asked you that. My listeners might have needed to hear that today, but I know that for sure I did!” 

After we were done recording he explained that in his zeal to produce content and ramp up his efforts helping guys free of porn, he had forgotten about how important rest is.

This world is noisy. Life is busy. You and I have responsibilities and callings that demand our resources. There’s nothing wrong with any of that. Just make sure you’re taking time to rest as well. 

Cheering you on,

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