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FAQ: What Do Pornstars Really Think About The Industry?

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2022

When I used to watch porn, I remember feeling jealous of the men in the videos. They got paid to have sex with attractive women regularly... they were "living the dream". And the girls always seemed so happy in the videos – I figured they had great lives too. Having friended two former porn stars the last couple of years, I've discovered just how mistaken I really was.

Brittni De La Mora was one of the top-ranked adult actresses in the world. Her videos literally had millions of views. She wasn't just a porn actress, she was a star. Brittni explained to me that between the lying, manipulation, and coercion - the porn industry slowly eats away at your soul. 

She was more or less tricked into performing in her first video - a VERY common story in the porn industry. But after that first video, she stuck around... why?

Between the money, attention, and grandiose promises, you feel like there are no other options to make a living. Everyone outside of porn will see you as "damaged goods". She was addicted to drugs to cope with the physical and psychological pain of performing unnatural sexual acts on a regular basis.

When she left the industry, she had $1000 to her name, no support or community, and hardly anywhere to turn. Thankfully, she had been ministered to by X3 Church and knew to at least turn there to start. It literally changed the trajectory of her life.

My second friend is Josh Broome. To get an idea of his story – Josh won Top Adult Male Performer of the year in 2012! He amassed 1000+ film credits and made multiple six-figures annually. He was REVERED by men and women around the world. This guy had it made.

His agent would often ask him to push his boundaries more and more so he could land more gigs. Josh went further and further down the path, engaging in sexual acts that he himself found disturbing.

Other times, it wasn't even in the contract. Sometimes on a set, the producers would ask him to do things that were beyond what Josh had agreed to do. When he pushed back, they gave him two choices - do the act or don't get paid.

What do Brittni & Josh think about the industry today? Well, let's put it this way – they both successfully left and have huge global ministries that are turning thousands to Jesus on a regular basis.

So what does this mean for you?

I hope it gives you an idea of what's really going on behind the scenes when you watch porn. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

If you're sick and tired of supporting this awful industry and want experience lasting freedom from pornography, book a time with my team and let's see how we can help you.

Cheering you on,

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