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FAQ: How Do I Stay Motivated During Recovery?

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022

Recovery can be exhausting at times. You may find that you have moments of great inspiration and motivation, followed by moments of frustration and hopelessness, and a whole bunch of moments that fall somewhere in between! This is normal, but there are a few tricks to keep you inspired throughout the entire recovery journey.

For starters, understand that motivation is not about psyching yourself up. Yelling feel good statements while you beat your chest like Donkey Kong isn't going to bring the kind of motivation we're after. When I say "motivation" what I really mean is a desire that is deep and strong enough to outlast the resistance(s) you'll face along the way.

Notice that we are not after motivation that louder and prouder than the resistances. We're after depth. Inner strength. Things that keep us grounded and focused on the things that truly matter in life. Here are a few of our best practices in this regard (some of which I still use to this day).

Vision Board
In case you didn't know, we are visual people! Optical stimulus is arguably the most impactful. In fact, if it wasn't, then you probably wouldn't have an issue with pornography. Creating a collage of your dream life without porn and reviewing it on a regular basis goes A LONG way to keeping motivation high. BUT, you must make sure that the material on your vision board consists of things that are deeply meaningful to you. Things that reflect your key relationships, purpose, calling, values, etc.

Why Statement
Having a WHY statement for full freedom is a useful tool to have in those moments when the temptation is high and you feel like caving in. I have avoided many slips over the years just by reminding myself of WHY I am choosing to stay free. Your why statement should be short, easy to remember, and start with the word, "To be"

Having someone alongside your recovery that is going to cheer you on and encourage you is monumental for staying motivated. At DeepClean, we call them spotters (like someone at the gym). Imagine an athlete playing without a coach, a band performing without an audience, or a child learning to ride his/her bike by themselves. In most areas of our life where we experience success and triumph, we have people offering us support, correction and encouragement to stay motivated. Your recovery journey should be no different.

This is why we've created DeepClean, a program that gives you a systematic process for recovery while receiving regular coaching, a support system of experts, and a community of other men around the world pursuing freedom just like you. If you'd like to be considered for the preogram, you can find out more here.

Cheering you on,

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