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Don't Make This Mistake In 2022

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2022

Apparently, I missed the memo to look like a normal human being in this photo 😂.

This picture was taken at a recent mastermind I attended. You are looking at some of the world’s leading young entrepreneurs that have created courses, apps, agencies and networks that are changing the world.

We heard from some unbelievable speakers – guys who have scaled and sold 9-figure businesses, bootstrapped 8-figure companies, and even an olympic athlete. It was pretty incredible. But to be honest, as deeply impactful as these sessions were, they paled in comparison to the true benefit of any quality mastermind...

The community.

One thing I have had to work through in my life is aloneness (not loneliness). Loneliness is when you are isolated, disconnected and no one is around. Aloneness is when people are around you and still feel like you don’t belong.

It’s hard to explain where it came from – being the token brown kid in predominantly white communities (like a chocolate chip on a scoop of vanilla), skipping grades and having above average intelligence, or simply just being more driven than my peers – somewhere along the way aloneness really plagued me.

Why is this group of guys so important to me? Because I don’t feel alone when I’m around them. And I definitely don’t feel lonely. There’s a common goal, a mutual understanding, and a deep sense of belonging. Few things on this planet parallel that feeling.

It’s the same reason that all of our DeepClean programs come with group coaching and an online community of men from around the world pursuing the same thing as you: freedom from sexual misbehavior. When you take a dream, provide life-changing education and smother it in a brotherhood – freedom is virtually inevitable.

If you’re anything like me when I was struggling, you likely told yourself Jan 1 that this year would be different. No more porn. No more masturbation. Going clean for real this time. If that’s you, that’s awesome. My only question is…

Who are you doing it with?

And if you answered “alone” then I want to invite you to be a part of DeepClean. You’ve never had a better opportunity to ride the new year momentum by plugging into a community that is going to pour gasoline on your freedom fire.

You can find out more here.

Cheering you on,

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