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Changing Your Relationship with Beauty

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2022

Beauty is best found in simplicity.

My wife and I got away with family and friends to a beautiful resort in Negril, Jamaica for Christmas. We were privy to sunsets like these pretty much every single day. A very different experience for a born-and-raised Canadian like myself!

This photo was taken without a filter or any editing, except one small tweak. Light exposure. As I reduced the light exposure, the elements of the sunset became more pronounced.

I don’t know about you, but I have this way of complicating things unnecessarily. I add spices to food that shouldn’t be added. I create new projects that don’t need to be created. I design spreadsheets and checklists to keep track of the simplest things. The list goes on.

I am regularly reminding myself of the brilliant acronym KISS – Keep It Simple, Sathiya (if you don’t know the actual acronym, look it up. You’ll appreciate the hilarity). Sometimes when you remove the complexities and color from life, you see things differently.

When things are simplified, there is clarity. And in clarity, there is always beauty. In a recent podcast interview with Andrew J Bauman, he mentioned that a huge part of recovery from unwanted sexual behavior is changing your relationship with beauty. What a profound concept!

Doesn’t it make perfect sense? Porn distorts beauty. It paints a false image of beauty that is totally fabricated. So of course, if you want to get free of porn and you want to see women in a healthy way, and you want to start appreciating God’s creations for who they really are – you need to change your relationship with beauty.

In my opinion, the best place to start is by appreciating the simple things. Where there simplicity, there is beauty. It might be appreciating a bird in flight, the freckles in your skin, the sensations in your body when you smile, the sound of laughter, the list goes on. 

Finding appreciation in these places goes a long way to changing your relationship with beauty. It begins to alter the lenses that you look through, and you and I both know when that starts to happen – the rest is history. Perception is everything.

Take 5 minutes today and appreciate the beauty that is around you. It takes a bit of concentrated effort at first, but when you really get into it, the 5 minutes will fly by. 

Cheering you on,

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