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Are you tired of feeling like your sin defines you?

Uncategorized May 04, 2023

When I was watching p**n on a regular basis, I was VERY aware of just how damaging sin can be.

My confidence was shot.
I felt like a shell of myself.
The sense of feeling disconnected from God was overwhelming.

And I was severely hindering my chances of getting married.

Sin is costly.

Not only from the “upfront” costs that we are keenly aware of, but also because of the collateral.

Sometimes, the reason sin persists in our lives is because the first time we committed the sin, we drew a conclusion about ourselves that enables the sin to continue.

You had an affair? You’re an adulterer.
You watch p**n? You’re a pervert.
You struggle with lust? You’re a sinner.

If you’re an adulterer by identity, then would you not continue to have adulterous interactions?

If you’re a pervert, what’s to stop you from continuing to watch p**n?

You get the idea.

The world would have you believe that your behavior dictates your identity, but in the Kingdom of God, the reverse is true.

Your identity dictates your behavior.

We should do EVERYTHING to avoid sin altogether.

But we are works in progress and we will fall short.

When you do, be VERY weary of the conclusions you draw about yourself.

It just might prevent you from repeating the sin.

Cheering you on,


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