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A Transformed Man Takes The Land

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2021

I’ve been really chewing on why DeepClean exists lately. Not in a sabotaging “What’s the point of this thing anyway” kind of way...more just trying to really solidify my roots as to why I’m doing what I’m doing.

These seasons come and go – there are times where we are filled with purpose and passion, and other times where we have to be reminded, otherwise we will not stay the course.

DeepClean started as something that will help people in an area where I struggled and wanted help as well. Now that it’s growing quite steadily, I realize that I need to double down on a deeper purpose.

I don’t have a clear answer yet, but I’ve had this phrase reverberating in my brain the last few weeks.

If you transform the man, you transform the land.

Many of the issues in families today stem from poor fathering or an absent father.
A majority of those imprisoned in both the US & Canada (and likely around the world) are men.
Perpetrators of sexual, verbal, and physical abuse are often men as well.

You may read that and think – dang, why are men so bad? What’s wrong with our world?! We need to get it together.

I read that and see – look at the potential. If men can cause that much damage to others and society, then they can provide equal amounts of health and growth.

Think about it…

-The world’s best chef(s) are men (Gordon Ramsay & Jamie Oliver, to name a couple).
-Most national leaders are men.
-Even the world’s leading expert on breast-feeding is a man! (Dr. Jack Newman)

If you transform the man, you transform the land.

“The land” may not necessarily be something glamorous and large scale. It could be a relationship, a family, a lineage, a community, a workplace. All I know is that when men experience transformation, the world becomes a better place.

That’s why this photo above gets me fired up. In some ways, I want to see every man in the world passionate, full of vigor and confidence for the things God has called them to do, changing the lives of those around them in the process.

NEVER FORGET that your freedom is not just about you. This crazy world of ours becomes a better place when you get free. If you transform the man, you transform the land.

Cheering you on,

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