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Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2023

Christmas has passed, but around here, Spring is the most wonderful time of the year.

The picture above is from 2011 – right around the time my recovery began.

Princess Jasmine was the closest thing I had to a girlfriend (that’s slightly exaggerated but not by much lol).

For real though – p*rn messed up how I viewed myself and how I viewed women.

I wanted to be in a long-term committed relationship one day, but I struggled to feel worthy.

And I also wondered if getting into a relationship would just make things worse.

On the flip side…part of me thought that maybe getting married would fix my problems. Having s*x regularly would satisfy any of the desires I have for p*rn, right?

Wrong. Oh, so terribly wrong.

Thank God a mentor of mine corrected me on that one.

“Marriage is a magnifier. If it’s a problem now, it will be worse later.”

FEBRUARY 2012 – I prayed a BOLD prayer: “God, whoever my future wife is – keep her from me until I’m clean.”

FEBRUARY 2016 – I had my last relapse.

NOVEMBER 2016 – I met Shaloma - my Jamaican queen 😍

DECEMBER 2018 – I launched DeepClean to help other guys get free too.

FEBRUARY 2022 – I released The Last Relapse – a blueprint for our recovery process that has helped thousands of men experience lasting freedom.

MARCH 2023 – YOU get a free copy : )

A lot of the solutions out there for p*rn addiction are essentially lust management.

I personally believe Jesus came to set us free and to provide us life, and life abundantly.

I don’t believe there is room for lust in either of those scenarios.

The traditional methods of internet filters, will power, and blind-leading-the-blind-accountability-arrangements will not cut it.

You need to get to the roots of the issue.

That’s why I wrote the Last Relapse.

It’s a framework for how to make a full recovery from beginning to end by resolving the roots once and for all.

And I am on a mission to make sure every subscriber, listener and follower in our audience gets a free copy of it.

So click here to download a free PDF copy of The Last Relapse. Or you can buy a copy anywhere books are sold (all proceeds go to furthering the gospel in the muslim villages of Uganda).

Talk to you tomorrow,

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