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God's Promise for your Life

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2022

About 11 years ago, I was in a season of personal renewal. I had committed my life to Jesus, surrendered my psychiatry dreams to pursue ministry, and was devouring ANYTHING in sight that would help me further my relationship with God.

My greatest fear in this season was that God would call me to be a local church pastor like my Dad. I love and respect my Dad, but I wanted to do something different if I was going to be in ministry.

This led me to an evening meeting at our church where a prophetic leader was brought in to minister. You may have different beliefs about modern prophecy than myself, I’m hoping you can put that aside so that you learn from this important story. 

Below is the word that I was given…pay attention to the emphasized parts…

Whether you believe in prophecy or not, what I want you to see is that something was spoken over my life about what I could do and accomplish…11 years ago! And here we are today – nearly everything spoken in this word has come to pass.

God deserves all the glory, but I share this with you to remind you – you may be on day 1 of recovery or day 1000. Keep going. It may take some time. There may be detours along the way. But if you persist, you will get there.

Freedom is not for the select. You don’t need a prophet to know that God longs to see you healthy and full of sexual integrity. |

And in case you think that you do, allow me to be the voice that tells you…

You will be free. You will figure this out. Your story will be a testimony of God’s goodness and a testament to many others who will get free as well.

Cheering you on,

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