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770 - Easiest Way To Build Confidence

Season #1

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Very few things are more important these days for a man than being confident. But from my personal experience, and the experience of many of our clients, I know that pornography addictions CRUSHES confidence. You might think it's no big deal, that pornography addiction doesn't actually hurt you or anyone around you...but when you count the wasted potential? It's enormous.

Confidence is truly developed from the habitual demonstration of I encourage you today to stay clean and do the right, hard things necessary to build courage across all areas of your life!

In this episode, I discuss:

1:19 Answering your questions! How to submit for upcoming episodes

2:12 Our new program...what next?

3:01 How porn crushes confidence

4:30 Taking more risks for greater rewards

6:10 Confidence comes from the habitual demonstration of courage

8:06 What Halo 2 teaches about confidence

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