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767 - Chris Kaspar on The Theology of Technology, Breaking Phone Addiction, and Building God-Honoring Tech

Season #1

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Chris Kaspar, founder of Techless, joins us today to talk about creating and managing an intentional relationship with tech, including the theology of technology, practical ways to control your phone usage instead of it controlling you, how they're trying to disrupt the market by giving consumers back their time and attention, and what to expect with technology over the coming decades.


In this episode, we discuss:

0:46 Why start an "intentionally boring phone" company in this fast-paced, technology age

2:21 Mobile phones as the gateway to pornography

4:28 The difference between the Wisephone and smartphones

8:58 Fighting the war on notifications

13:28 The profound impact of setting boundaries on technology and phone usage in the family

15:57 Socializing within a relational hierarchy

19:32 Crafting your 7-day weekly rhythm to prioritize relationship

20:54 The Theology of Technology - how should we view tech as believers? 

26:48 Where technology is going and what to expect over the next few decades

35:54 The biggest changes between v1 and v2 of the Wisephone

41:45 How behaviour change happens for Wisephone users over the first 30 days, and how to make it a long-term habit just like recovery from pornography

44:45 The spiritual importance of our relationship with technology


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