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757 - Q&A: Inner Child Work, True Freedom, and Marriage with Sathiya and Shawn

Season #1

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Welcome to our second Q&A episode! If you're loving this style, please listen, share, and send me a message to let me know. We're going to be looking at the analytics closely, so if you love it, share it, and we'll see higher downloads, and if you hate it...well, don't listen or share and we'll stop!

Our head coach, Shawn and I discuss the importance of inner child work, faith, whether it's possible to only have eyes for your wife, bad habits, and some thoughts on dating and marriage.

In this episode, we discuss:

0:38 What is inner child work and why is it so powerful in recovery?

10:20 The power of imparting a skill so our clients no longer need us as coaches, but can walk in true freedom

13:12 Breakthroughs by the grace and help of the Holy Spirit

18:58 Faith vs. healing old wounds

22:17 Question 1: Is true freedom actually possible? Freedom where I only have eyes for my wife?

30:02 Question 2: Could porn addiction be a consequence of other bad habits? And, if we solve the porn addiction issue, could other bad habits emerge in its place?

36:57: Question 3: How do you court a potential wife and how do you know the relationship is ready for marriage?


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Resources Mentioned

Going Deeper: How The Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction by Eddie Capparucci

Seeking Integrity by Eddie Capparucci


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