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763 - Scott Donnell on Creating A Heritage Of Generational Wealth In Your Family

Season #1

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Scott Donnell joins us today, fresh off of his experience presenting with Tony Robbins, and he absolutely blows the doors off of anything you thought you knew about money, generational wealth, and financial literacy for you and your kids.

From generosity being the most important money mindset, to leaving a heritage not just an inheritance, to some insanely practical and rarely talked about ways to build your kids and family into financial titans, this is a must listen episode for anyone looking to increase their wealth and stewardship abilities.

In this episode, I discuss:

3:35 Why money is so important to us...even if we say it's not

5:40 How to strike the balance between caring about money and not serving it as a master

7:27 Why generosity is the single most important mindset to have around money

11:53 Why kids need heritage, not just inheritance

16:12 Using stories to pass on your values and heritage

19:48 Create value first, not money

23:32 "Allowance is basically socialism"

25:37 The Home Economy System

35:23 Do parents have to get their stuff together before they teach their kids?

39:07 Do you have money trauma?

45:25 How much do generationally wealthy families pass down to their kids?


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