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759 - Matt Galbraith on What To Do When Your Wife Is Ready To Leave, 13 Years of Freedom, and Why Life Transitions Are Blessings In Disguise

Season #1

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Matt Galbraith shares his inspiring story of overcoming pornography addiction, celebrating 13 years (!!) of freedom, and how facing a life-altering crisis transformed into a journey of faith, healing in marriage, and a deeper understanding of God's grace and purpose.

In this episode, we discuss:

00:03:26 The Key to Lasting Freedom: Intimacy with Christ and understanding true spiritual liberty.

00:10:46 The Turning Point: Facing the reality of a failing marriage and finding hope in desperation.

00:19:09 Maintaining Long-term Freedom: The role of accountability and developing a deep relationship with God.

00:27:00 The Ripple Effect of Addiction: Navigating the challenges and healing in marriage post-recovery.

00:32:33 Renewal and Growth: The journey from teaching to coaching and embracing a new life purpose.

00:39:04 Taking Risks for Faith: The transformative power of stepping out in faith and pursuing God's calling.

00:44:59 Relationship Transformation: How quitting pornography improves the quality and depth of personal relationships.

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