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615 - Eddie Capparucci on Why Men Are Emotionally Immature, Keys For Entering Fatherhood, and The Importance of Stillness In A Busy World

Season #1

Dr. Eddie Capparucci is a licensed professional counselor certified in treating Problematic Sexual Behaviors. Eddie has worked with professional athletes and television personalities among his many clients. He is the creator of the Inner Child Model for treating Problematic Sexual Behaviors, a unique approach that focuses on identifying unresolved childhood pain points and teaching individuals how to process emotional distress in healthy ways. His treatment method has been endorsed by many leaders in this field.

In this Episode Dr. Eddie Capparucci and Sathiya discuss:
[0:05] The challenges that men run into relationally while recovering
[4:53] The importance of teaching boys how to deal with emotional distress
[9:38] How do we deal with disappointment?
[14:23] Attachment styles and recovery [19:26] How to deal with trauma
[23:33] The importance of setting boundaries
[27:27] Practice to practice practice practice
[32:28] Practical things men can do to get started
[35:51] Being still is not being still
[40:06] The value of meditation and meditation

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