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600 - Dr. Doug Carpenter on The Link Between Sexual Identity and Sexual Abuse, Why 60% of Sexually Abused Men Suffer, and Why Abuse Is Not Final

Season #1

Dr. Carpenter and his spouse, Mary A. Carpenter, LMSW are the founders of Insight Counseling Services. Dr. Carpenter has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology; earned a Master of Science in Counseling and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation from Pace University, and has an Associates of Arts in Theological Studies from Kent Christian College.

In this episode Sathiya and Dr. Carpenter discuss:
[04:05] The Definition of Sexual Abuse
[08:32] The Complexity and Importance of Sexual Abuse
[10:32] Indicators and Symptoms of Sexual Abuse
[10:49] Topic 1: Signs of abuse in children
[12:21] Topic 2: Sexual identity confusion in male victims
[15:08] Topic 3: Impact on self-identity and masculinity
[22:45] The impact of sexual abuse on sexuality
[23:35] The influence of cultural experience on defining sexual abuse
[25:56] Conditioning and sexual orientation
[34:23] Early Orientation Feelings
[34:41] Psychosexual Developmental Timeline
[41:58] Link between Sexual Abuse and Sexual Addiction
[46:12] The importance of personal growth
[47:57] Resources for personal growth"



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