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Helping men overcome pornography through a step-by-step process to experience freedom in their relationships, identity and future.

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Stop trying short-term solutions

So many men who struggle with pornography try internet filters, accountability partners, willpower and other solutions that feel good.

The result? Temporary relief, and then back in the hole of shame & isolation.

Everyone else is treating the surface level issues, when the real problem is the roots.

The next result? Broken relationships. Self-loathing. No confidence. Apathy. Boredom. Isolation. Loneliness. Depression. Hopelessness.

That's why I address the psychological, emotional, social & practical aspects of porn struggles. This is the only way to experience long lasting results.

My focus is to provide you the most direct, comprehensive path to what truly matters - being in control of your life again.

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Hey, I'm Sathiya...

I'm the creator of DEEP CLEAN. I help men transform their lives by overcoming porn using proven strategies. 

If you wake up feeling guilty and shameful from another slip and deep fear of how it could destroy your relationships and future... You are not alone.

Most of the people I've worked with felt the very same way before they found me. 

They tried will power, spiritual disciplines, accountability programs and internet filters. Basically the things that everyone else is doing, but not the things that actually achieve true freedom.

If you want to know what actually works, I'd like to offer you a free Strategy Session where we dig into the roots of your struggle and develop a plan to freedom that actually works for you.

This personal offer won't be available long as my calendar fills up – Schedule now.


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"Sathiya provided the tools, compassion & encouragement needed to overcome my addiction. I am freer than I've ever been."

Dr. Andrew Blackwood

"When I met Sathiya, I instantly knew he was different – a young man wise beyond his years. He is not just an expert in his field, he is a competent guide! If you haven’t experienced the impact of his work, be sure to connect with him."


"I feel more confident – able to manage my thoughts and handle temptation better now. I also feel more complete. It feels really good!"

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