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825 - Q&A: Getting Over Fear, Trusting God, and the Biblical Basis for Emotional Healing to Quit P*rn with Sathiya and Shawn

Season #1

Join us for our another live-coaching episode! We're excited to answer a question from a courageous man on the recovery journey, as well as a listener-submitted question.

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Before we get into the coaching, Sathiya and Shawn dive into the impact of learning to experience and feel safety in your body in order to defeat old patterns and lies - and the harmful coping mechanisms they lead to, like pornography. They get into why it's important to do the work now to heal your past not just for you, but so that you don't pass these things on to your kids.

Listener questions surround learning how to trust God after feeling neglected by Him, and the Biblical basis for using psychology and looking into the emotional roots of addiction.

In this episode, we discuss:

2:28 Nervous system regulation and creating safety to get beyond your fears and coping mechanisms

14:47 Heal your fears so you don't pass them on to your kids

21:36 Question 1 (LIVE): How to truly make God my joy, instead of putting all the pressure on my wife? (Especially after recent slip ups after 1+ year sober)

31:34 Follow up: Grew up feeling neglected by God in a charismatic do I ask Him for strategies when I don't feel the closeness?

36:10 Question 2: What's the biblical grounding of looking at the emotional roots to heal and become free from porn?

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Resources Mentioned:

How Attachment Affects Your Relationship With God Podcast Episode (Apple)

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