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826 - How To Create A Lifestyle of Freedom

Season #1

We make a point to talk about recovering from pornography addiction as being FREE from pornography.

Almost all of us seek freedom in various aspects of life, and I want to share a couple of fundamental principles of what freedom actually looks like and how to start to develop it in your life...whether that's in work, time, money, addiction, or any other area of your life.

This is both fundamental and practical, and will hopefully fast track your own journey to freedom.

In this episode, we discuss:

0:30 How to get freedom in ALL areas of your life

2:19 Sathiya's personal story of addiction and powerlessness

7:02 The 2 core principles of freedom

7:43 Principle 1: Freedom = Options

8:48 Principle 2: Establish Priorities

9:57 Bonus Principle: Surround yourself with people who have freedom in the area you desire

12:31 Start with INNER freedom from vices

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