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823 - Josh Trent on Finding Peace Through Liberation

Season #1

Josh is the founder of Wellness+Wisdom, a website, podcast, and community dedicated to helping you live life liberated.

In this episode, Sathiya and Josh discuss spiritual maturity, the pain and honesty required to achieve liberation (and why it's worth it), Josh's struggle and recovery from pornography, and the simple yet often-misunderstood path to true and lasting behaviour change.

In this episode, we discuss:

0:00 Intro to Josh and the framework of this conversation

4:23 The big WHY behind what Josh does with Wellness+Wisdom

10:46 What does it mean to be spiritually mature as a man in the 21st century?

12:33 Emotional epigenetics (and why Josh trademarked the term)

19:45 What does "wellness" truly mean?

25:58 How to find true freedom and peace through the process of liberation

32:41 What helped Josh break free from pornography

40:57 Practical behaviour change

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Resources Mentioned:

Wellness+Wisdom Podcast

Sathiya's Episode on the Wellness+Wisdom Podcast

Liberated Life Tribe

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