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817 - Q&A: Identity, Overcoming Triggers, and Caring Too Much About What Your Wife Thinks with Sathiya and Shawn

Season #1

Join us for our another live-coaching episode! We're excited to bring two courageous men on the show who we'll coach LIVE here to help them get to the root of their issues and find freedom.

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Before we get into the live coaching, Sathiya and Shawn discuss the importance of claiming your true identity and figuring out your ACTUAL motivation for recovery, so that you're not just constantly "managing" your addiction, but truly finding healing and growth.

We brought on two amazing listeners who asked questions, and we did our best to give them some live coaching during the episode. Questions include how to handle everything suddenly becoming a trigger after 6 months of being free from porn, and how to stop codependent patterns around caring more about what your wife thinks about your recovery than your own actual recovery.

In this episode, we discuss:

1:14 Persevering with a vision, even through hardship

3:29 What are the elements of a healthy, solid identity?

7:27 When your idea of identity betrays a false underlying belief

10:00 The power (necessity?) of having local accountability and real relationships

12:01 The challenges of isolation, especially spiritually

15:24 Is your secret life exhausting you?

17:19 Finding your ACTUAL motivation for recovery and handling higher temptation environments

21:55 Question 1: Free from porn for 6 months, but now everything is a do I overcome this?

32:54 Question 2: How do I stop my codependent habits and correctly order my relationship with God and my wife?

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The Last Relapse (Free Book)

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