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819 - Naftali Moses on Rejecting Porn by Integrating Truth

Season #1

Today's episode is a LIVE, in-person interview with a man wise beyond his years, transformation coach Naftali Moses.

We went deep, with both of us sharing transparently about our journey through porn addiction and recovery, plus the real issues that keep men from living a full, authentic life.

This conversation will challenge you, but as you'll learn, that's exactly where you need to be for growth and transformation.

Join us in uncovering the truth we all often reject.

In this episode, we discuss:

0:00 Intro to my wide ranging conversation with Naftali

2:37 The American Pie films were actually porn

3:15 Why would women ever tell a man it's okay to watch porn?

5:03 Sathiya's journey through addiction and recovery

10:20 Intimacy disorders and identity

17:34 What finally started Sathiya's recovery

25:36 A simple tool to heal perfectionism

27:51 Naftali's story of getting free from porn

36:25 Triggers, porn genres, and mommy issues

40:07 Porn tricks you into thinking you understand women

45:01 How to deal with sadness and loneliness

50:48 Letting yourself feel

57:00 Social media is the gateway drug to porn

1:03:17 How to bridge the gap between a lie that feels good and life-giving reality

1:08:26 Doubt and uncertainty

1:09:35 Reaching the ideal

1:13:55 What should a woman do if her guy is watching porn?

1:17:46 The necessity of aloneness to prepare for true community

1:21:48 Those who lack mystery in their life worship a God their size

1:24:52 What's going to happen to men?

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