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813 - Q&A: Anti-Singleness Bias, Infertility, and Dealing with Constant Urges with Sathiya and Shawn

Season #1

Join us for our second live-coaching episode! We're excited to bring two courageous men on the show who we'll coach LIVE here to help them get to the root of their issues and find freedom.

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Before we get into the live coaching, Sathiya and Shawn discuss singleness and whether the church is doing a good enough job encouraging and talking about singleness, or if marriage has become a bit of an idol. This is a great conversation for all of our single listeners who are wondering how to navigate that while still struggling with addiction to pornography...we got you!

We brought on two amazing listeners who asked questions, and we did our best to give them some live coaching during the episode. Questions include fertility and the consequences of porn use, as well as how to navigate constant and overwhelming urges (even if you don't give into them).

In this episode, we discuss:

1:49 Is there an anti-singleness bias in the church?

5:32 Focusing on your growth

12:35 The one way we've seen lists work when preparing to find a partner

16:53 Marriage is really special to the heart of God

18:55 Make sure you're putting in the work while you've got time for it!

23:43 Question 1: Can eliminating sexual misbehaviour aid in efforts to get pregnant?

35:37 Question 2: No matter what I do, I constantly have urges, and it's causing me to think about relapsing all the time...what do I do?

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