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809 - Q&A with Live Coaching! Christian Emotions, Relapses, and Sexless Marriages

Season #1

Join us for our first live-coaching episode! We're excited to bring two courageous men on the show who we'll coach LIVE here to help them get to the root of their issues and find freedom.

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Before we get into the live coaching, Sathiya and Shawn discuss John MacArthur's recent comments about therapy having no place in the church. How are we supposed to look at emotions, therapy, and healing as Christians? Is there a Biblical case for the inner healing work we're doing?

In this episode, we discuss:

1:27 Christians need to stop listening to pastors who say that mental illness isn't real

8:34 Looking at the fruit to determine what path to walk

15:03 The other ditch Christians should look out for regarding mental health

20:45 Defending inner child work Biblically

24:09 Question 1: I figured out where my urges were coming from and had 2 years of freedom, but recently the urges and usage have come back...what do I do?

36:36 Question 2: How can men live for Christ within a sexless marriage (while increasing intimacy with your wife)?

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Resources Mentioned:

The Last Relapse (Free Book)

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