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810 - Change The Man, Change The World

Season #1

I had a profound realization recently...God definitely laid something on my heart related to who I am, why I'm here, why DeepClean exists, and even why this podcast exists.

I'm convinced that the world going to crap is directly related to men staying on the sidelines. Whether it's society "forcing" men down, or men opting out of the leadership of their own life, things need to change.

The good news is, the solution is in you. YOU get to be part of the change not only in your own life, but in the world at large. Join me in being part of the change that shifts your life and the trajectory of the world forever.

In this episode, we discuss:

1:00 How to get LIVE coaching from Sathiya and Shawn

3:04 Why have I been called a misogynist on Instagram?!

5:50 Why I exist

7:38 The world goes to crap when the men stay on the sidelines

11:01 You can be part of the change

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