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808 - Trim The Fat, Keep The Vision

Season #1

Let me get a little personal with you guys today...I want to share what God has been (painfully) doing in my life, because I think He's telling me to share it with you in case you can relate.

Not every season is going to be one of growth and spaciousness. Sometimes God trims the fat in our lives. It doesn't mean He's not with just means we need to be extra diligent in keeping the vision! Let me know if you can resonate after listening this episode.

In this episode, we discuss:

0:54 Share this with a friend if you've got value

1:47 What God's been revealing to me in my own life (personal story)

5:51 Trimming the fat in every area of life

8:36 Growth will come...God's with you in this

9:15 How to handle the fat-trimming seasons

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