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806 - Artificial Intimacy (The Real AI Crisis)

Season #1

Today we talk about the REAL "AI" threat to our society, and no, I don't mean Artificial Intelligence.

I'll break down the even scarier threat of Artificial Intimacy...perhaps the CORE reason why men are drawn toward pornography in the first place. We have to talk about this, because if you can figure this out, the rest of recovery usually follows fairly close behind it.

Let me give you 3 tips to get you out of artificial intimacy and into real connection.

In this episode, we discuss:

1:36 The scarier AI threat...

2:57 The thing driving men to pornography

4:38 What I'm concerned about

5:30 The good news

7:46 Healthy intimacy

9:59 Intimacy with God

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Resources Mentioned:

Adam Lane Smith Episode

Dr. Jake Porter Episode

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