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799 - Dr. Trish Leigh on Using Science To Quit Porn

Season #1

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Dr. Trish Leigh is a cognitive neuroscientist who specializes in helping people with sexual arousal dysfunction. Her work helps to heal, educate, and empower people to overcome anxiety, attention, and internet addiction issues that drain their brains.

This episode is the second time we welcome Dr. Trish Leigh on the show, and as usual, she delivered an insane amount of value. We talk about masturbation, "arousal dysfunction", ED, stress and porn use, using science and data to recover and find freedom, social media, and much more.

In this episode, we discuss:

0:00 Welcoming back one of our most-listened to guest

3:08 Dr. Trish Leigh is helping people with sexual arousal dysfunction

6:54 We can agree porn is harmful...but what about masturbation?

16:46 When porn is no longer an issue, but masturbation is

22:57 Stress leads to slips and relapses

29:55 The link between porn and ED

35:57 Tracking trends, not perfection

46:55 Premature and delayed ejaculation and the brain...what's happening?

53:07 The link between testosterone and masturbation and porn use

1:02:28 How to use data without getting obsessed with metrics

1:07:37 Should you even be on social media if you're quitting porn?

1:19:45 To those people who say "porn's not actually that bad"...

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Trish Leigh's Website

Brain Training 101

qEEG Brain Map

The Three Steps To Heal ED At Home (Course)

Dr. Trish Leigh's Youtube channel

First episode with Dr. Trish Leigh

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