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795 - Joel Sikha on Stress, Addiction, and The Love of God

Season #1

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Pastor Joel Sikha grew up in India and is now the pastor of Living Church Boise in Idaho. He and his wife have 5 children, and he considers himself a missionary, bringing the fullness of a Christianity born out of suffering to the often stagnant "comfortable Christian" culture in America.

Sathiya and Pastor Joel talk about how to navigate stress to stay free from relapses, the reality behind addiction, comfortable Christianity vs suffering, and impactful stories from Joel's unique upbringing.

In this episode, we discuss:

0:00 Episode and guest introduction

5:21 Joel's formative years as a young Christian in India

11:51 Being a young Christian in India compared to America

17:10 Just because you're comfortable doesn't mean you're blessed

20:26 How to get into the Bible

27:10 How do we get back to the truth?

32:44 Addiction and what you're really searching for

39:12 What Joel learned when his dad left the family

48:16 Tips for dealing with the stresses of life (to help stop relapses)

Resources Mentioned:

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Pastor Joel Sikha TikTok

Breakthrough Hour Livestreams on YouTube

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