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787 - Lila Pisor on Betrayal Trauma and Healing Marriage After Addiction

Season #1

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Lila Pisor is a betrayal trauma expert. We spend most of our time on this show talking about the male experience of pornography addiction, but it is absolutely vital that you understand the female experience of addiction and recovery.

Lila provided amazing wisdom and insights for you to understand what your significant other is going through, and how to build your relationship back up as you find freedom from pornography.

In this episode, we discuss:

0:00 Intro to Lila and why this is an important episode

3:20 Lila's story of betrayal

8:05 Marriage on the other side of reconciliation and recovery

11:45 Why get into this line of work helping other couples

13:32 What prompts people to finally take action and get help?

15:30 What about women who don't see it as their problem - only their husband's?

17:01 The impact on children

22:03 What are the actual steps to working through betrayal trauma?

32:40 What characteristics usually lead to success in recovery?

34:48 How men can heal relationships while they recover from addiction

Resources Mentioned:

Regener8 Mentoring

Adam Young Big Six

Adam Young Podcast

Your Sexually Addicted Spouse

Free Call With Lila for The Women Listening, or Your Significant Other

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