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791 - Tony DiLorenzo on the Six Pillars of Intimacy and Building One Extraordinary Marriage

Season #1

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Tony DiLorenzo runs One Extraordinary Marriage with his wife Alisa. At a crucial turning point in their marriage, they decided to get radical rather than get divorced, and by the grace of God completely turned their marriage around. Now, they've been helping Christian marriages heal and grow over the past 14 years.

Tony talks about their Six Pillars of Intimacy (and how to use them to improve your marriage), his own experience with pornography and helping marriages where it's an issue, and how to truly experience intimacy in marriage.

In this episode, we discuss:

3:38 How Tony and his wife have run One Extraordinary Marriage together for 14 years

10:45 Current trends and core issues in marriages today

15:14 How to future proof your marriage as a young couple just getting started with kids

23:03 The Six Pillars of Intimacy

30:03 How to use the six pillars to strengthen your marriage

35:25 Tony's experience breaking free from pornography and helping couples struggling with it

44:41 How to get over any barriers to being able to enjoy yourself in the bedroom and foster real sexual and physical intimacy

Resources Mentioned:

One Extraordinary Marriage

The Vagina Bible

Bondage Breaker

19 Questions to Amazing Sex With Your Spouse

One Extraordinary Marriage Show

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