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793 - Q&A: OCD, Recovery Timelines, and Triggers at 100+ Days Sober with Sathiya and Shawn

Season #1

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Join Sathiya and DeepClean Head Coach Shawn Bonneteau on today's Q&A episode, where they answer listener-submitted questions!

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We kick off this episode with an in-depth discussion about spiritual disciplines, then answer your questions on OCD, recovery timelines, and staying clean past 100 days when everything seems like a trigger.

In this episode, we discuss:

1:08 Without spiritual disciplines, you're missing out on a huge piece of recovery

9:55 The unbreakable bond between Father and son, and how to experience greater intimacy with Him

16:41 How to develop disciplines that connect you to the Lord

21:03 Question 1: Healing OCD and porn habit at the same time after a disappointing relationship experience

28:11 Question 2: Patience and discernment on recovery timelines

33:24 Question 3: Clean for 100 days, but feeling like everything is a can I train my mind not to see things as triggers?

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Resources Mentioned

Brain FM

Dr. Eddie Capparucci Books


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